Academic Profile

  • Debra Betts
    Debra, supervisor for the New Zealand School of Acupuncture at the Lower Hutt hospital antenatal acupuncture clinic , began specifically developing and teaching acupuncture courses for midwifery in 2010.
  • Zita West
    Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or through IVF, the Zita West unique holistic approach is set apart from other fertility and IVF clinics. Ros has received training in this holistic approach to achieve optimum reproductive health as well as the diagnostic processes and treatment protocols. Ros is one of Zita’s affilliated practitioners.
  • Kiiko Matsumoto
    Kiiko Matsumoto is internationally known for her scholarly work on acupuncture and interpretation of Chinese classical text. Kiiko is mostly known for her ability to integrate the work of very important Japanese masters such as Master Nagano Master Kawai and Dr Manaka into a coherent clinically effective style.  A Kiiko style practitioner such as Ros follows a palpation sequence which both establishes a diagnosis and suggests several treatment options which might be effective in treating a patient.