Facial Acupuncture Testimonials

I came to Ros for acupuncture pre IVF. I had two unsuccessful IVF’s prior to treatment with Acupuncture.The third IVF, after utilising acupuncture produced eight follicles and three high quality embryos. Following the two week wait, I discovered I was pregnant and today, have a two year old baby girl. I have severe endometriosis and was told IVF was my only way to conceive. Ros made me feel very relaxed during my treatment and accommodated me with times due to my IVF timetable.

“The sensation afterwards is lovely. Your face feels wonderfully warmed as though you’d spent the day in sunshine. The next day at least five people, none of whom were aware I had a treatment, said to me that I looked wonderful. Bizarrely all of them in isolation of each other said I looked “radiant”. Now, in my world that is not a word you hear bandied around much unless you happen to be at a wedding!”
Roisín Armstrong – The Irish News

“Forget facelifts and expensive creams. Fans of cosmetic acupuncture claim that using needles to treat the face and get rid of facial lines, baggy eyelids, dark circles, sagging muscles and skin problems and leave your skin glowing.”
Helen McGurk – Newsletter

Local PR agent, Cathy Martin of CMPR
“I read some reviews of the process and decided to give it a go without thinking it might involve pain! I didn’t really have any expectations beyond improving the black rings and bags under my eyes. I noticed a difference after the first treatment particularly with the lines from my nose to my mouth and my upper lip but initially it didn’t last long.

It became an accumulative result, the more sessions I had the longer it lasted. The result isn’t dramatic like a surgical facelift, but after a few sessions, my eyes looked brighter, skin felt firmer, wrinkles were less deep, my upper lip became plumper and my neck and jaw firmer and toned. I look like a well-rested slightly younger version of myself!

I would recommend both the treatment and Ros as a practitioner who approaches the process in a holistic, gentle & realistic manner.”